Saturday, July 30, 2011


Labelling people is silly but if you have been to university you will recognise every single stereotype that is listed. Let me begin...

Normies: These down to earth-social butterflies can get along with anyone. They are pleasant to be around, great to party with and give you the best advice.

The recreational drug takers: This species usually listens to any form of bassy electro, or reggae music. When on a high, they love the world and everyone in it, when on a low they hastily walk by you with their head down and often ignore you.

Artslags: These are often referred to as ‘hipsters’. These are the kids that make being uncool SERIOUSLY cool and bring back hideous artefacts of vintage clothing that should have died with the decade from which they originated. They are art-lovers with very little knowledge of art, and culture lovers with very little knowledge of culture. Lets break it down: Walking tattooed contradictions.

Hippitty-Hoppers: These are the hip-hop lovers who hang around in packs and rarely mix with anyone who’s music taste differs from their own. They are often seen wearing baggy colourful clothing and expensive trainers.

The Alternative Kids: These come in all shapes and sizes and their clothing ranges from beigey corduroy to black fishnet gloves and black leather jackets. They are music enthusiasts who refuse to listen to any manufactured music. Some of them may look like they have spawned from the dark-side, and may have morbidly stretched earlobes.

The people you should avoid at ALL costs: These are people who talk way too much. One must be diplomatic with them so as not to hurt their feelings. Too much exposure to them may cause internal harm.

Gossipers: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. These are the people who love to play Chinese whisper with other peoples business a little too much. This can often lead to tainted friendships and relationships.

Jocks: The beefy sporty girls and boys who wear trackies to lectures. They are often very testosterone fuelled, watch endless games of (insert sport here) and are in almost every sporty society that exists.

Downbeats: The people who always get the First class honours because they work THAT bloody hard. They are usually pleasant people who are very rarely seen on nights out... because they always have their nose in a book.


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