Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the masquerade.

So I graduated last month and went to Mallorca as a graduation present from my parents who spoilt me rotten. Good times. I've also been a busy bee on the internet applying for jobs whilst being back home in the land of terrible driving and mouth wateringly delicious cuisine... Cyprus.
I am almost 21 now and I've come to realise a lot of things.
  • Most people wear masks. (The metaphorical type)
  • If you have a gut feeling about something you are most probably right about it. Follow your human instinct.
  • Never put yourself out for anyone unless you know that they are really worth it.
  • Don't ever be a part of rumour spreading or gossiping. It always leads to trouble and will always backfire in some way. I believe in karma, so if you act like an arse, expect to be treated like one.
A lot of things have happened this past month that have been real eye-openers. Don't ever take crap from anyone because it will build up and one day, may very well explode with such an intensity that it will reset everything. Memories that were once looked at with fondness will be forever tainted and forgotten.

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